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JUNE 3 - JULY 2, 2005
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Introduction to the Program
General Introduction to Madrid
The ACCENT Center
Program Faculty
Cultural Program
Academic Program
Transferable Academic Credit
Program Calendar
Application and Enrollment
Program Timetable
Program Price
Program Price Includes
Program Price Does Not Include
Payment Schedule
Housing and Meals
OCC Tuition and Fees
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Madrid & Spain-Related Links
Madrid Time & Weather; Spain News
Click here to view FAQ, including:
- Requirements for participating in this program
- Participation by non-OCC students
- How to reserve a spot
- How many spaces left
- What courses can be taken for credit in Madrid
- Options for students beyond Spanish 285 (4th semester)
- Sharing housing with a friend (choosing your roommate)
- Funding: Financial aid and/or scholarships
- Attending preview meetings- is it required?
- Where to get more information about the program
Introduction to the Program

The Summer in Madrid program offers a unique opportunity for you to expand your educational experience while earning transferable college credit through Orange Coast College. Madrid, a European capital known throughout the world for its museums and monuments, boasts a long and proud history, and serves as your classroom as you study Spanish language and Spanish culture with visits to cultural sites throughout the city. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the language and culture of this "city that never sleeps"? ¡Qué bien! ¡Vámonos!

Map of Spain: Courtesy of
General Introduction to Madrid
Although the earliest humans inhabited the region as far back as 2000 BCE, the city of Madrid itself came into existence in the 9th century CE when Mohamed I, Emir of Cordoba, ordered the construction of a military fortress on the left bank of the Manzanares River. The settlement was originally called Magerit (Mayrit), or "place of abundant water", because of the number of rivers and streams supplying the area. Magerit, or Madrid, as it later came to be known, stood as one of various Moorish strongholds until 1085, when King Alfonso IV won control over it. In the 16th century especially, the city flourished as the Spanish empire grew under King Carlos I (also Emperor Carlos V), grandson of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. In 1561, his son, King Felipe II, a native madrileño, made it the official Spanish capital.
Muralla árabe
Sierra de Guadarrama
Geographically, Madrid is situated on the Castillian Meseta in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the fourth largest European capital, and at an altitude of 2,200 feet, its highest. It enjoys more clear days than any other city in western Europe, and boasts majestic views of the nearby Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range. The city of Madrid has a population of over three million (there are five million in the province of Madrid, in which the city is located). Known as an open, friendly and especially lively city, Madrid offers a wealth of experiences for the enthusiastic visitor, from historical landmarks such as the muralla árabe (a surviving part of the original medieval walls), to cultural centers such as the world-renowned Museo del Prado, to the city's famous nightlife, known as la marcha. Whether your idea of an enjoyable afternoon includes a peaceful boat ride in a park or an exciting game of fútbol, Madrid has it all for you.
Puerta de Sol
David Beckham, Real Madrid
Parque del Retiro
The ACCENT Center

ACCENT is a study abroad organization that works with over 50 colleges and universities to provide academically challenging and culturally enriching overseas study programs. ACCENT has fully-staffed Centers in Paris, Florence, London, Madrid and Rome that serve as a home base to program participants. The San Francisco Center assists students with enrollment and pre-departure preparation. The staff in all six ACCENT Centers has extensive personal experience in travel and overseas study, and is available to answer questions throughout all phases of the program.

The ACCENT Madrid Center and classrooms are located within the facilities of the historical Instituto Internacional. Located on Calle Miguel Angel, 8, a crossroads between the neighborhoods of Chamberí and the newer and dynamic section of Paseo de la Castellana, the Center is just a short walk from shops, cinemas, restaurants, museums and libraries. The study center provides a student common area and garden, a cafeteria, a 70,000 volume library and student study area, and DSL connections for laptops. The ACCENT Center is open during the week for students to use the resource and lending library, ask questions and collect their mail.

Program Faculty
Denise Cabanel-Bleuer
Denise Cabanel-Bleuer
Denise has enjoyed helping students learn Spanish for the past fifteen years, the last five at Orange Coast College. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she comes from a multicultural and multilingual family: her mother was born in Germany and raised in Colombia, and her father was French. Languages have always held an important place in her life, as has travel. She considers herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel often in such places as Western Europe, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States. While a student at UC Davis, she participated in a Study Abroad program to Mexico City, and believes strongly in both the academic and personal benefits of studying in a different country. Having pursued doctoral studies at UC Berkeley in Medieval Spanish literature, she is especially excited to be returning to Spain; this time to help other students as they not only discover new attitudes and ideas, but also embark on a voyage of self-discovery.
Ali Mari-Aala Muelas
Ali Mari-Aala Muelas
I am born and raised in beautiful Madrid and come from a multi-cultural and racial family; most of my paternal family is Basque and Castillian, whereas my maternal roots are Russian, German, and Estonian. I have studied both in Madrid and in the United States, earning a BA and MA at my beloved UCLA, where Peninsular literature, Latin American literature and linguistics were my deepest passion. It has been a great honor to teach these past 11 years, both at UCLA and now at OCC. There is no greater pleasure than assisting someone to find their own poetic voice in another language, and although I have lived with all the languages of my ancestors, the Spanish language remains the one through which i express my soul best. Thank you for joining us on this magical adventure to beautiful España. I hope that together we may facilitate the highest quality of learning and inspiration!
Patricia Scarfone
Patricia Scarfone
Patricia is Professor of Spanish and Italian at Orange Coast College. A native of Italy, this avid traveler became interested in Study Abroad early on. In addition to conducting study abroad programs to Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico and Spain, she served as International Education Coordinator for the Coast Community College District for several years. During that time, she coordinated several semester and short-term programs to Australia, Costa Rica, England, France, Italy, Mexico and Spain. Both instructors and students had nothing but praises about Patricia's innovative ideas, organizational skills and caring attitude towards all participants. Patricia is a strong and active proponent of second-language study who believes that "knowledge of a second language is a door to the world's cultures". She encourages students to open that door and explore the wonderful opportunities that await them. Patricia's excellent experience of success in the classroom and with past study abroad programs will ensure the success of all others she undertakes in the future.
Cultural Program

Cultural learning is an integral part of the Summer in Madrid program. You will attend on-site lectures at museums and historical sites within and outside of Madrid, as well as lectures on local customs and contemporary issues. Two one-day excursions to Toledo and Segovia as well as a three-day, two-night excursion to Andalucía (Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada) are included in the program. There is also an optional four-day, three-night excursion to Santiago de Compostela. Excursions are chosen based on the academic curriculum and are subject to change.

Academic Program

Classes are held in Madrid at the ACCENT Center housed within the historical Instituto Internacional. Students on the Summer in Madrid program participate in the following transferable courses (click on course titles to view full catalog descriptions):

Instituto Internacional
 CourseUnits Instructor(s) Enrollment
 Spanish 199: Current Topics in Spanish3 units D. Cabanel, P. Scarfone Required
 Spanish 180: Elementary Spanish5 units A. Muelas Optional
 Spanish 185: Elementary Spanish5 units On-Site Instructor Optional
 Spanish 280: Intermediate Spanish5 units On-Site Instructor Optional
 Spanish 285: Intermediate Spanish5 units On-Site Instructor Optional


Transferable Academic Credit

The Summer in Madrid program is offered for 3 to 8 semester units of transferable college credit through Orange Coast College, part of the Coast Community College District. Orange Coast College will provide a transcript upon request for the coursework completed overseas. Please verify the transferability of courses with your advisor or registrar before you apply.

Program Calendar (Tentative)
Depart U.S.
Arrive Madrid
¡Bienvenidos a España!
Orientation & Placement
City Tour
Class 9-1
Class 9-1
Class 4-7
Class 9-1
Class 9-1
Museo del Prado
Excursion: Toledo
Excursion: Segovia
Class 9-1
Class 9-1
Class 4-7
Class 9-1
Class 9-1
Excursion: Andalucía 1: Sevilla
Excursion: Andalucía 2: Córdoba
Excursion: Andalucía 3: Granada
Class 9-1
Class 9-1
Class 4-7
Class 9-1
Excursion: Palacio Real
Class 9-1
Excursion: Santiago de Compostela 1
Excursion: Santiago 2
Excursion: Santiago 3
Excursion: Santiago 4
Class 9-1
Class 9-1
Class 4-7
Farewell Dinner
Class 9-1
Class 9-1
Depart Madrid / Arrive U.S. ¡Adiós!
Application and Enrollment

The Summer in Madrid program is open to participants who are 18 years of age or older at the time of application. As program space is limited, students who meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to send in the application form with the $250 non-refundable first payment as soon as possible. Shortly after receipt of your application and first payment, ACCENT and the Coast Community College District will send you additional application and enrollment forms. Final payments are due by March 25, 2005. Beyond March 25, limited enrollment is allowed, when space permits. For more information, please contact ACCENT at (800) 869-9291.

The application form is located on page 4 of the Summer in Madrid program brochure, which also contains much of the information presented on this web site. The brochure is available here in portable document format (pdf). In order to view this type of file, you need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer. If you do not already have one, you can download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader by clicking here.

Once you know that you have a PDF reader installed on your computer, click on this link to download the brochure. Print a copy of the application form (see "Note" below), fill out the form, and then send it along with the $250 non-refundable first payment to Accent at the address that appears at the bottom of the form.

Note: After clicking on the brochure link above, you may be given a choice to "Open" or "Save" the file: choose "Open" if you wish to view the brochure and print the application form now (specify page 4 to 4 in your printer dialogue box); choose "Save" if you wish to save the complete brochure to your computer so that you may view it or print from it later. If you are not given a choice (if the brochure file automatically opens on your screen), but you wish to save the brochure to your computer: (1) come back to this page, (2) right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on the link above, (3) select "Save Target As..." or "Save to..." to specify the appropriate location on your computer.

Program brochure- click here to download
Please note the following corrections/additions to the brochure:
Castelian > Castilian (p.2)
Compostella > Compostela > (p.5)
Ali Muelas' e-mail address is:
Application form (p.4)- click here to download
Program Timetable
Application Due: With first payment (send in as soon as possible to reserve your space)
Final Payment Due: March 25, 2005
Predeparture Orientation: April/May (TBA)
Departure from U.S.: June 2
Arrival in Madrid: June 3
Overseas Orientation: June 4
Classes Begin: June 6
Return to U.S.: July 2
Program Price

Program Price: $2950, plus a $100 refundable security deposit
- Does not include airfare

Program Price Includes
Double occupancy rooms in homestays (supplement charged for single rooms, when available); double/triple occupancy rooms during overnight excursions
Breakfast and dinner daily with homestay families; breakfast at hotels during overnight excursions
Two one-day excursions (including transportation and guided visits) to Toledo and Segovia
One three-day, two-night excursion (including transportation and guided visits) to Andalucía (Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada); accommodation in two-star hotel (double/triple rooms); breakfast provided daily
Cultural activity series including visits to museums and historical sites
Pre-departure and and overseas orientation program and half-day guided bus tour of Madrid
Overseas information and resource center with ACCENT Madrid on-site staff
Transfers from and to the Madrid airport for group flight participants
International Student Identity Card (ISIC) with limited overseas travel and accident insurance
Farewell dinner
Program Price Does Not Include
Round-trip airfare (estimated airfare $900-$1100)
Orange Coast College enrollment fees of $26.00 per unit ($175.00 per unit for out-of-state students)
Meals, except as listed above
Optional single room supplement $250
Optional four-day, three-night excursion to Santiago de Compostela, including transportation, hotel accommodation and guided visits: $320 (based on a minimum of 25 participants)
Personal expenses, books, passports, visas, and anything not listed as included
Required medical insurance
- All prices and fees reflect exchange rates current at time of publication and are subject to change
Payment Schedule
 Non-refundable first payment due with application
 Final payment due March 25, 2005
    The above breakdown includes the $100 refundable security deposit. The payment schedule is the applicant's contractual obligation. Failure to make each payment when due shall automatically cancel participant from the program one week after due date. All payments are effective the day they are received by the ACCENT San Francisco Center. ACCENT, in its sole discretion, may reinstate an applicant subject to availability of space and late enrollment fees. All prices and fees reflect exchange rates current as of 3/04 and are subject to change.
Housing and Meals
Students may choose to live in double or single rooms in homestays. Single rooms are limited and require a supplement of $250. Housing is provided from the first day of the program (June 3, 2005).
Breakfast and dinner are provided daily for students in homestays. During overnight excursions, breakfast is provided at the hotels.

All participants must check-in at the ACCENT Madrid Center June 3, 2005 between 9am and 6pm (Note: most transatlantic flights depart one day before their arrival date). ACCENT will organize an optional round-trip group flight from Los Angeles. Airfare is not included in the program fee. Group flight participants will be met at the airport in Madrid and transferred to their housing. Group flight participants returning to the U.S. on the group return date will receive transportation to the Madrid airport. Students enrolled in the Summer in Madrid program will receive detailed optional group flight information approximately four months prior to departure. Estimated airfare: $900-$1100.

OCC Tuition and Fees

Academic credit for this program is awarded by Orange Coast College. An $26 per unit enrollment fee must be paid to Orange Coast College at the time of registration. Nonresidents of California pay $175 per unit. Fees are set by the State of California and are subject to change. For more information, please contact Patricia Scarfone at (714) 432.5638 or at


Any individual cancellation must be made in writing to ACCENT and to the Coast Community College District, and is effective the date of the receipt by ACCENT. Participants are liable for payments until written cancellation is received.

Cancellation fees:
• 70 days or more prior to start of program: $250
• 50-69 days prior to start of program: $500
• 30-49 days prior to start of program: $750
• 8-29 days prior to start of program: $1000
• 0-7 days prior to start of program: No refund

Before the start date of the program, should the U.S. State Department issue a "Travel Warning" telling American citizens not to travel to Madrid, Spain, ACCENT will immediately advise the sponsoring school to cancel its program. In such case, if the program is immediately canceled in writing by the sponsoring school, ACCENT will refund the entire program fee to all participants on that program.

Should a program be canceled in writing by the sponsoring school after the program start date, no refund amount can be guaranteed, although ACCENT will make reasonable efforts to seek refunds from third parties for costs not yet incurred.


ACCENT, and not the Coast Community College District, is responsible for all travel arrangements and any liability arising there from. The Coast Community College District is NOT liable for any damages arising out of the services described herein, including, but not limited to, any promises or representations, whether expressed or implied. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to in any way bind the District, the District Governing Board, any of their agents, employees or representatives to any promises, obligations, covenants or duties whether expressed or implied herein.

ACCENT is not responsible for the academic segment of the program except as specified in the contract between ACCENT and the Coast Community College District. Nor is ACCENT responsible for airline delays of any kind, or for expenses or loss incurred as a result of such delays. With regard to transportation/travel, regardless of the type of vehicle, ACCENT acts for the passenger as agent only. ACCENT assumes no liability for accident, injury, damage, or loss in any vehicle, or as a result of default by any person or company engaged in transporting the passenger. CST#1013432-40.

Contact Information

Orange Coast College:
Denise Cabanel - 714.432.5641
Ali Muelas - 714.432.5887
Patricia Scarfone - 714.432.5683

¡Hasta pronto!
870 Market Street, Suite 1026
San Francisco, CA 94102
415.835.3744 / 1.800.869.9291
Additional Information

For information about passports and customs, click here. This site is brought to you by the United States Federal Government. You may go here to get information about obtaining, or renewing your passport, as well as customs information you'll need before you return to the United States. Students residing in the United States but holding a foreign passport should contact their embassy or consulate, as a visa may be required.

The 'euro' is now the common currency in many European countries. The French franc, the Spanish peseta, the Italian lire and other currencies are no longer valid. Click here to find out more! You may find the 'Timetable' and the 'Coins-Notes' links on this page very helpful.

Madrid & Spain-Related Links
  Guides, Tourist Information Guide with many useful links; also has links to Spain guide and other Spanish cities guides Spanish and English versions; lots of good information for the visitor to discover Includes lots of good trip preparation info, such as: Packing for Spain & Clothing and Customs
MadridMan's Yankee Homepage- Everything you might want to know about Madrid
Softguide Madrid- " information, compiled from contributions by locals and continually modified and updated by feedback from users, both resident and tourist." (see also Softguide Spain)
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Camino de Santiago- Info about the Way, as well as about Galicia in general
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Two great collections of photos: & View photos of any Madrid street address that you input Photos, videos, live streams, 360º panoramics, screensavers, discussions, chats & more
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Museo Thyssen-Bornemizsa- Recently inaugurated; wonderfully diverse and formerly private collection
Madrid 2012- Planning site for the 2012 Olympic Games
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 History, Reference
The European Euro- Info on the common European currency
Madrid Histórico - En español
Madrid & Spain Maps- Great city map in pdf format
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U.S. State Department- For info on passports, visas, etc.
World Facts- General country information

Barajas- Airport

Renfe- Trains within Spain

Spain Railways- From OKSpain- general info about available options + links

Metro- Fast and convenient travel within Madrid

Eurail- Travel around Europe by train

Online newspapers in Spanish include: ABC, El Mundo & El País
La Española- Traditional Spanish foods; located in Harbor City (near Torrance) Products from Spain
Current Madrid Time and Weather; Latest Spain News Headlines

Currently, in Madrid, it is:

¡Vamos a Madrid!
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