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Labeled pictures and handouts of zoology lab specimens
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Labeled pictures of vertebrates:

Human skulls - articulated and disarticulated
Cat skulls - articulated and disarticulated
Cat skeletons - labeled cat skeleton
Rat abdomen - general structures on a dissected, preserved rat
Rat reproductive and excretory - male and female dissected preserved rats
Rat cardiovascular - Blood vessels and thoracic region of dissected preserved rats


Porifera - sponges
Cnidaria - selected Cnidarians
Aurelia - the life cycle of a jellyfish
Platyhelminthes: Planarians - free living flatworms
Platyhelminthes: Planarian videos - videos of flatworm behavior
Platyhelminthes: Trematoda and Cestoda - selected parasitic flatworms
Clam and mussel - freshwater clam and marine mussel dissections
Snails - live common garden snails (not dissected)
Misc. Mollusks - pictures of mollusks that didn't fit anywhere else
Earthworms - live earthworm dissection and a cross section slide
Crayfish - external and internal anatomy of preserved crayfish
Crustacea - crustacean larvae and copepods
Sea stars - dissection of a preserved sea star
Echinoderms - sea urchins, sand dollars, and larvae

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